Universal Antibody Lock

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Universal Antibody Lock

Higher Selectivity, Safer Treatments

Systemic Neutralization Leads to On-target Toxicity
Noticing that antibody drugs can effectively cure diseases but at the same time cause severe adverse effects because of on-target toxicity, PrecisemAb, just like our name "Precise + mAb", is committed to creating safer and effective antibody treatment options for patients with our novel Universal Antibody Lock technology.
Disease-directed Masking Technology for Antibody
Our Universal Antibody Lock technology could "inactivate" antibody's binding ability by "locking" the binding site. The binding ability of the Lock-antibody is limited in healthy tissues until the Lock-antibody encounters active protease near the disease region, which cleaves the "lock" from the antibody . The cleaved Lock-antibody is designed to be conditionally-activated and neutralize target antigens to inhibit the disease progression. Therefore, our antibody lock technology can effectively enhance antibody drugs’ selectivity in disease area and consequently reduce side effects caused by on-target toxicity.
Widely Applicable to Antibody Drugs
Universal Antibody Lock has been successfully applied to Rheumatoid Arthritis drug, Infliximab (anti-TNFa antibody). Lock-Infliximab is selectively activated only in disease site and presents similar pharmacokinetics and therapeutic efficacy as Infliximab alone while Lock-Infliximab effectively minimizes the side effects such as interference in immunity against Listeria infection in mice models.

How We Design

the Antibody Lock? 

We use computer simulation to predict and select the most optimized lock sequence for your antibody. We also construct Lock-antibody and test Lock function to confirm the applicability for your antibody.

Six Product Features



Monoclonal Antibody

Anti-Drug Conjugate

Bi-specific Antibody

Industrial Values


Antibody Lock could give a second chance to antibody drugs that had to be withdrawn due to high toxicity


Antibody Lock could add values to existing antibody drugs with higher cure safety

New Patent

Putting antibody lock on an antibody whose patent is about to expire can allow for the application of a new patent

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