We work with partners to achieve innovative drug solutions for patients.
What Issues We Are Working On 
Monocolonal Antibody has become a trend because of its therapeutic efficacy. However, long-term use of traditional antibody drugs might cause severe side effects because of on-target toxicity. PrecisemAb looks to address this issue by providing safer antibody drugs for patients with higher drug selectivity in disease region. Because we deeply believe that
‘‘only when treatments are both effective and safe would patients have the courage and persistence to fight illness. ’’
How We Solve the Problem 
Our technology, Universal Antibody Lock, improves the safety of antibody drugs by ensuring they activate in disease areas rather than healthy tissues. The technology is applicable to all antibody drugs and we have recently shown it applicable for autoimmune disease, oncology, immunotherapy and antibody drug conjugate.
What are the Applications
With the antibody lock technology, we can enhance existing drugs with higher safety, resurrect products withdrawing from the market due to high toxicity, and make new drugs with patent-expiring antibodies.
Together, We Can Make a Better Future
PrecisemAb is now actively seeking strategic partnerships for realizing our mission of developing safer antibody therapies for patients.
Our partnering opportunities include:
PrecisemAb Developed Antibody Out-Licensing

PrecisemAb has developed a few Lock-antibodies which successfully pass preclinical trials and are ready for licensing. The application fields include autoimmune disease, oncology and immunotherapy.
Customized Lock-Design Service

PrecisemAb provides customized platform service for your antibodies, including Antibody Lock design, Antibody Lock generation, function assay and in vivo test. 
Our customization process is shown as follows:

Design gene sequence of Antibody Lock
We use computer to simulate and optimize the antibody lock for your antibody

Gene construction of Lock-antibody
Insert the optimized gene sequence into the DNA of your antibody.

Expression and purification of the Lock-antibody

Function test of Lock-antibody  
   —The masking efficiency of antibody lock to target antibody
   —Whether the antibody lock is completely removed from target antibody
   —The binding ability of protease-treated pro-antibody
** Other experiment design is negoetiable

Our Partners